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Zen of Detachment

The calming hue of amethyst resembles the detachment of burning desires. There is a story about a Zen student who arrives at a temple and finds an audience with a Zen master. He asks the master how long it will take him to become enlightened. The master tells him, “ten years.” With this answer the seeker says to the master, “If I work very hard to achieve enlightenment, how long will it take?” The master’s response is, “twenty years.” When we're constantly thinking about these desires, our thoughts most of the time turn into those of lack and impatience. We resist the process with our feelings of frustration. The calming amethyst brings the power of detachment and enlightens the path to what we desire by letting it go.

The limited edition print was created by painter Julia Waller, a German Artist inspired by Baozi Jewellery to express the emotion and character of the bracelet.

£95 (Bracelet) / £40 (Limited Edition Print)

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