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Kill the Buddha

This bracelet is about internal serenity. The Chinese Zen master of the 9th century, Linji Yixuan, has a famous quote, "If you meet the Buddha, kill him." It suggests that the "Buddha", a status of ultimate serenity, resides inside us. If we encounter a "Buddha" separate from ourselves, we must have been deluded and thus should kill the external "Buddha" to refocus on the true "Buddha" inside ourselves. This bracelet is made of Sandalwood and Amazonite. While sandalwood has been used in Zen practice to facilitate mediation and achieve serenity, Amazonite represents the enlightenment achieved in the process.

The limited edition print was created by painter Julia Waller, a German Artist inspired by Baozi Jewellery to express the emotion and character of the bracelet.

£160 (Bracelet) / £40 (Limited Edition Print)

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