The Ballad of Yin and Yang

Author: Chengxi Wang

The contrast underlying the Yin and Yang elements is a theme underlying Baozi Jewellery. As the founders of Baozi Jewellery, we come from different cultures and have opposite ways of thinking. But somehow, we managed to complement each other and achieve a synergy of 1+1>2. The further we travel together down the journey, the more we are obsessed with the magic chemistry between Yin and Yang. 

From the perspective of ancient Chinese cosmology, the world was created out of Qi (energy flow). And Qi was organised in the form of two basic opposing elements, Yin ('shadow' in Chinese) and Yang ('sun' in Chinese). While Yin and Yang are two abstract concepts, they are embodied everywhere in our life. Yin is associated with softer, more receptive or darker elements (no connotation of good or bad) such as night, earth, water, winter and female, whereas Yang is connected with tougher, more active or brighter elements such as day, sky, summer and male. 

At Baozi Jewellery, we don't only try to make jewellery aesthetically pleasing, but also intellectually beautiful by giving life to the ancient wisdom of Yin and Yang in a fashionable form.

Yin and Yang don’t exist in silos; the world is made of the interaction between Yin and Yang. For instance, the interaction between sky (Yang) and earth (Yin) produces rain that nurtures the living beings. Besides, under certain circumstances, Yin and Yang are convertible to each other. The cycle in the stock market is an illustration. Before the bubble bursts, the stock price keeps going up (Yang) to such an extent that it deviates from its intrinsic value. And then the price drops (Yin) to a more reasonable level. 

In Baozi Jewellery, we not only make jewellery aesthetically pretty, but also intellectually beautiful by giving life to the ancient wisdom of Yin and Yang in a fashionable form. On a cultural level, we cross the borders to juxtapose eastern style with western reinterpretation. On a technical level, we combine 3D printing technology with traditional artisanship to produce customised modern heirlooms, which tell unique stories for each of our clients. Deep in Baozi Jewellery is our spirit to challenge the status quo, experiment and give a third choice beyond 'either or'.   

May Baozi Jewellery be more than a complement to your outfit, but a ballad of Yin and Yang that sings through your heart.