Tao collection: the beginning of our journey

Silvia Bizzarra

This unpredicted moment has challenged all of us, and has forced everyone to change their own habits, routine and way of doing things.

However for some people, this moment has represented a crossroad: should I continue with my life as it was before or should I take this crazy time to challenge the status quo I've set for myself? Among the people who took the second path, here we are. We have taken this time for introspection; and have found explosive energy that has guided us until today in this crazy journey we call Baozi Jewellery.

To us, challenging the status quo simply means be the people we feel we are, free from the expectations of us of the past and free from the prejudice of others. In this triumph of feelings, our Tao collection was born.

Tao is a Chinese word that means “the way” or “the path”, and in the context of East Asian philosophies, Tao is the natural order of the universe whose ultimate essence is difficult to understand due to it being non-conceptual yet evident in one's being of aliveness.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” ― Lao Tzu

This quote from the father of Taoism is our every day’s reminder. Sometimes situations can be unknown or scary, they can look impossible to overcome, but the only thing that matters is taking the first step. Tao collection is not only our first step in the jewellery world, but also a reminder to always follow our dreams, because one day that may come true. This collection is designed to be the maximum representation of Baozi Jewellery’s creativity and personality, and it is dedicated to all those people that are still trying to understand who they are and who they want to be. To all of you, we hope that through our bracelets you will feel comforted and understood as you deserve to be.

Tao Collection